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Ella Hits the Jackpot

Ella Hits
the Jackpot

This time the gang of friends finds a lottery ticket, loses it, searches for an alibi, follows clues, uses up the craft supplies and fills them up again. Once again, the story offers fun for children, excitement for dads, some good tips for mothers, and consolation for teachers.

”The banter of the Ella books is spot-on, genuinely funny and fittingly touching. The underlying message is conveyed without being preachy.”
Savon Sanomat 11.11. 2006

Praise for the Works

”The funny, action-packed Ella books, which take place in the world of elementary school, have hit their target, giving students who are just starting to read loads of motivation and joy.’’ Yhteishyvä

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Timo Parvela
Timo Parvela is one of the most read and lauded authors of children’s books in Finland. His stories aim to entertain children and teach adults. Parvela’s characters deal with life and friendship in a loveable way – profoundly, yet without losing the lightness and joy of traditional storytelling. Read more >

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The Finlandia Junior Prize 2006

The Topelius Prize 2007

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